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Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Dr. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg is an artist who examines human relationships with nature. Using art and technology as vehicles for her work and research, much of her practice has focused on the human desire to ‘better’ the world.

Daisy engages across technical and scientific disciplines in her work. She has spent over 10 years experimenting and engaging with artificial intelligence, exobiology, synthetic biology, conservation, biodiversity, and evolution as part of her curatorial projects, artworks and writing. 

Technology has been a constant collaborator; some of her seminal previous works include the digital reconstruction of the extinct Northern White Rhino in The Substitute (2019), based on research from Google’s AI Lab DeepMind, and The Wilding of Mars (2019), a work that simulates the growth of planetary wilderness. At present, she is working on a new permanent artwork commissioned by the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK; using technology and AI to create environments which are designed for plants and pollinators rather than humans.

Join us in finding more about empathy for non-humans, hierarchies in nature, and experimenting with technology to visualise possible futures...

Listen or watch the Open/Ended conversation with Daisy on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or YouTube.

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