London Design Festival:
Technology & Design Lab

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In an age of disruption & innovation: where do we go next?

Participants in the 2023 Technology & Design Lab will get a front row seat to the dreams, anxieties, & projects at the forefront for London’s futurists.  Come join us for a series of conversations and performances at the intersection of technology and design. Hosted by open-ended & LabKO.

With a lens cross-disciplinary collaboration, speculative creative outcomes and hybrid realities, participants will include innovators and leaders from the technology sector, the design world and across the creative industries.

Seetal Solanki (Ma-tt-er)
Samantha Niblett (Labour: Women in Tech)
Rebecca Fiebrink (University of the Arts London)
Morgan Meaker (WIRED)
Marcus du Sautoy (University of Oxford)
Konstantina Palla (Spotify)
Harry Yeff (Reeps100)
Ego Obi (Google)
Chance Coughenour (Google)
Ben Cullen Williams (Ben Cullen Williams Studio)

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Diana Alcausin (WeTransfer)
Emily Benn (Editor, Councillor City of London)
Shajay Bhooshan (Zaha Hadid Architects)
Sougwen Chung (Artist)
Es Devlin (Artist & Designer)
Tom Dixon OBE (Tom Dixon)
Jefferson Hack (Dazed Media)
Dara Huang (Architect)
Amon Kale (Central Saint Martins)
Karen Kang (TikTok)
Arthur Mamou-Mani (Mamou-Mani Architects)
Freya Murray (Google Arts & Culture)
Ed O'Brien (Creative Technologist)
Dayo Olopade (Amazon Studios)
Mariasole Pastori (Diorama)
Whitney Richardson (Apple, The New York Times)
Maxim Zhestkov (Artist)

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