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Anab Jain

Anab Jain is a designer, futurist, filmmaker and educator.

Anab co-founded Superflux to set out a vision for a new kind of design practice. She shares her dreams for a future where humans can live respectfully alongside other species. With her team, she imagines and builds future worlds for the present moment: confronting issues such as climate change and inequality, the emergence of artificial intelligence, and the future of work. They ask difficult questions: how do we respond to the crises of our time? How do we learn to live with other species? As a futurist, she is working on new narratives in Artificial Intelligence with organisations like Deepmind and Omidyar. Anab is a dreamer, storyteller, and mythmaker, and her childhood in India has brought her on a remarkable journey.

Listen or watch Open/Ended's conversation with Anab on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or YouTube.

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