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Widharmika Agung

Widharmika ‘Widhar’ Agung is founder and director of, Indonesia’s largest web-based volunteer matching network, which he founded in 2012 inspired by his own community-centric Balinese heritage. Indorelawan now has 180,000 volunteers who sign up and engage via the website and app, supporting 3000+ organisations with 6000+ activities, to help one of the world's largest and most diverse countries strengthen community action and build towards a brighter and more connected future. 

For this Open/Ended conversation, Widhar joins us from his second office, the Jakarta headquarters of heritage batik fashion brand Iwan Tirta (where he has been CEO, dressed world leaders and spearheaded collaborations with Disney) to speak about impact investment as a way to preserve culture / craftsmanship in design / using technology to harness the power of community.

Listen or watch the Open/Ended conversation with Widhar on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or YouTube.

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